PCA Toolkit Handouts

PCA Toolkit Page Overview

The resources on this page are intended to assist workforce development professionals (including teachers, career coaches, and job readiness coordinators) in placing their clients and students in PCA positions. PCAs are needed throughout Massachusetts. This entry level job has a higher-than-average hourly wage and is supported by a host of great benefits!

This page includes the following resources:

  • Information about the PCA job: This section contains flyers that can be shared with your clients that explain the PCA job. There is also a 10-minute video where consumer-employers (individuals looking for PCAs), and their PCAs talk candidly about the PCA job.

  • PCA job preparedness training materials: This section contains the PCA Fundamentals curricula, a pre-employment training program to prepare clients or students for PCA jobs. 
    • PCA Fundamentals (Instructor and Learner’s Guides). Using the Guides-Only approach maximizes adult learning principles and relies on greater instructor guidance. This approach works best with an in-person, classroom-style training.
    • Using the ten PCA Fund Training PDFs. Using the Guides with the PowerPoint files maximizes instructor support but reduces the use of adult learning principles. This approach works well with virtual learning modalities, such as Zoom.
    • If individuals prefer to learn at their own pace, they can register to use the Fundamentals of Home Care training.

The PCA Toolkit contains information about the PCA job, including:

This will help you understand what you might do on the job. When you’re ready to add this job to your resume, this job description is a good place to find phrases you can use in your resume.

This document provides an overview for workforce professionals and teachers to support clients and students learn about the PCA job opportunity.

This flyer provides general information on the PCA job opportunity for job seekers.

This 4-minute video shows the importance of the PCA job.  It was made with real consumer-employers and their real PCAs. This video is also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Haitian Creole.

This document provides consumer-employers with PCM and skills trainer information and ways to recruit PCAs.

PCA Fundamentals Pre-Employment Program

This curriculum will help your students and clients learn about roles and responsibilities, the importance of independent living and confidentiality and ethics, and how these principles relate to the PCA program. There are two versions for delivery of this material available: live, in-person, and virtually.