Online Learning - Employer Resources

These online learning modules were designed so the candidate PCA can watch the modules independently. You can watch the modules with them and discuss. Note: Completing these online learning modules is not required to be a PCA in Massachusetts, these are optional learning modules to prepare folks to become direct care workers.

Becoming a Personal Care Attendant (PCA) is a 9-minute module that explains what the PCA job entails. By the end of the module, viewers should have a basic understanding of the PCA role and, if interested, can complete a profile on the Mass PCA directory and begin interviewing for PCA jobs close to them.

There are other modules to help the future and new PCAs develop professional skills. PCAs that can work with different types of people are always in-demand.

  • Fundamentals of Home Care is a course with information about home care work that would be useful for the PCA job. They will help the new PCA learn to keep their consumer-employer, and themselves, safe and healthy.

This training presents the guidelines needed to practice safe infection control strategies and Universal Precautions for PCAs, home care workers and caregivers during the COVID-19 crisis in Massachusetts.